Al Muntazir school campuses are among the most impressive in Dar es Salaam where the utilization of modern teaching and learning resources, coupled with a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing environment, reflects the schools’ commitment towards ensuring quality education.

Our primary objective is to grow and become the leading education providers right from Pre-Nursery level, up to Advanced Secondary level. We are progressing in the accomplishment of our vision by focusing on the further development of two key areas.

Providing unique opportunities to all their students for individual advancement and achievement, the Al Muntazir school network stands successful today, not only on its own merits, but also on the ability of its students to be innovative, productive, and reflective individuals and members of society.

Significant emphasis is placed on the combination of faith with action, and the physical, spiritual and intellectual growth of each learner.

With the aspiration to actualize our vision, and the determination to invest for the betterment of all its stakeholders, the Al Muntazir Schools will ensure that adequate and purposeful resources are employed.

Firstly, the Al Muntazir Schools are continuously striving towards attaining the most favorable and congenial educational environment. This includes expansion in infrastructure, and improvements in academic facilities, curricula, teaching methodologies, student services, and extra-curricular activities. Our second priority is to enhance the tri-partite partnership between parents/guardians, teachers and students. We strongly believe that the parents/guardians of our students are very important stakeholders in our schools. Therefore, we regularly encourage parents/guardians to engage in discussions concerning the development of their children. Spending just about a third of their time at school and the rest outside the school, we strive to re-enforce this partnership, and leverage it for the betterment of all our students.


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