The Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary is authorized by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE – UK) to offer the IGCSE program for ages 13 – 16 (O Levels) as well as GCE A Levels for ages 16 – 18 (A Levels). At the same time, the school is authorized to provide the local curriculum by the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) to offer the A level program for ages 16 – 18.

The IGCSE program allows students to undergo a four year study before sitting for the international examinations. It is taken in core and extended levels through five subject groups: Languages (English as 1st Language and Kiswahili), Humanities (Economics and Geography), Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Mathematics and Vocational (Business Studies and Accounting). At the same time, for the preparation of a holistic professional, additional subjects are provided including Information Technology, Physical Education and Religious Studies.

At the A level, the school provides both the international curriculum through Cambridge and the local curriculum through NECTA.

The Cambridge GCE A level program provides students with education at international standards that prepare students for the University life and facilitate the transition from school to college education. The following combinations are provided:

PCM – Physics, Chemistry and Advanced Mathematics

PCB – Physics, Chemistry and Biology

PGM – Physics, Geography and Advanced Mathematics

EGM – Economics, Geography and Advanced Mathematics

EBA – Economics, Business Studies and Accounting

At the same time, additional electives provided include General Paper, Pure Mathematics and Religious Studies.

The 2 year NECTA A level program is authorized by the local Ministry of Education and examined by the National Examination Council of Tanzania. At Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary, the subject combinations provided at the A levels include:

Physics, Chemistry and Advanced Mathematics (PCM)

Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB)

Physics, Geography and Advanced Mathematics (PGM)

Economics, Geography and Advanced Mathematics (EGM)

Economics, Commerce and Accounting (ECA)

Commerce, Biology and Geography (CBG)

History, Kiswahili and other Languages (HKL)

History, Geography and Other Languages (HGL)

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